On finding the right “motivation…”

I’ve finally got myself motivated enough to make this happen.  The “this” would me blog.  By “motivation” I would mean the sheer boredom and terror of recovering from a Vasectomy.

For those of you who are not so enlightened, recovering from a Vasectomy pretty much means you sit with your legs spread eagle, reclining in a chair in the hopes that your balls don’t brush up against anything or even feel the slightest breeze.  (Hey, read my tag line – I said unapologetic and raw). It also means you walk around your house like one of those cowboy’s in the cartoons after getting off a horse they’ve ridden for several hours.  According to my 19 month old son, who now mimics my walking stance, it’s hilarious.   Additionally, you get to moan, complain and make comments about the different state of your balls like “grapefruit,” “purple,” and “tender..”

Yeah, okay, tangent on the Vasectomy there – but you get my point, apparently the only motivation I get to do something I’ve always wanted to do is when life literally “grabs me by the balls,” or in this case, makes two small incensions with a scalpel.  You get the point, right?

So here I am.  I plan to use this as my own sounding board and practice area to work on my skills and sharpen my “sword” of the proverbial pen in hopes to one day never to look at another router, switch, or server again in favor of beachside villas and woodland retreats. Writing away, as my my wife and I spend my advance from my publisher writing my next novel. Of course, my wife would spend it on charities and orphanages. Heck, we’d probably end up running an orphanage, and I’ll still have to work. Seriously. It’s gonna happen.  Don’t get me wrong.. I love my job, and I love IT (more on that later, I’m sure) – but I love beach-side villas and reading / writing a whole lot more.

Until then, I’ll stick to making sure I write down the thoughts that come to my head on a daily basis about all the things I’m sure my wife’s sick of hearing me rant about.  You might not care, but you dear reader (all one of you, thanks Mom), don’t really matter as much as the egocentric pep-talk I’ll get from reading my own  writing. I’m kidding – I’m not that self centered, if you read, I’ll try to reward you with  entertainment.  Then maybe again, you will care?  I’m guessing my blog will be like the literary version of a carwreck – you just can’t stop reading.

Can you?

– Grant (more about me: here.)