On finding encouragement from the past…

I recently stumbled upon this poem I wrote some time ago.  The truth still remains the same.  I hope it finds someone some encouragement, that when all else is lost, there is hope in the cross.

When all the poems have been written,
And ever word has been said,
When every song has been sung,
When every love letter’s been read,

When life has done it’s living,
And there’s nothing left to say,
When all hearts have been broken,
And all the lights fade away,

When every prayer’s been prayed,
And every lip’s been kissed,
When all joy is abandoned,
Every opportunity missed,

When you are just about to give up,
Sigh, and throw the towel in,
When your day’s no longer joyful,
And your heart is full of sin,

When God remains a mystery,
You have yet to discover,
When questions raise doubt,
And you’ve lost your final lover,

When darkness paints a picture,
Of a deep and lonely past,
When you suddenly wonder,
How much longer you will last,

When your last breath has been taken,
And all the deaths have been mourned,
When hope is but forgotten,
And every miracle performed,

Will life remain your ambition?
Your only goal to live?
Will you be waiting,
With nothing left to give?

Yet there is something better
When all these things fall true,
He died two thousand years ago,
On a tree just for you,

So when you think there’s nothing left,
When life just brings you rain,
Remember the solemn truth,
Just thing about it standing there

– the tree with the crimson stain.