On Finding A Reason

This week I know of someone who became so lonely that person felt as there was nowhere left to turn but death.  It was tragic, and all that is left now is pain and unanswered questions.

Sometimes we all need a reason to wake up in the morning and go on.  Move forward. Persist. It’s flawed human nature to often want to quit, but it’s ever so important we look beyond that moment for a reason. Sometimes you’ll find it in your believed purpose – a paycheck for your family or a role you play in your life.

But please… Look beyond.  Those are temporary and eventually even the greatest fail.  There’s another reason.  Realize you are loved.  Here on earth, and there in Heaven. Stop listening to the enemy tell you that you are nothing, worthless, a failure.  It’s lies.

Can I ask you to do something for me? It’s important. Find someone you love tonight, look them in the eye, ask them about their love. Then… Bow your head, listen to the quiet night for the voice of God as he tells you how much you are loved, how he craves you – needs you, loves you. I’m certain you’ll hear it, because tonight I’ve prayed each and everyone of you will.

God is your father, and he wants to live life with you.. enjoy the good times and hold you during the bad.  He’s all you need – and he created you for him.  That’s your reason. Friends, don’t let that go.  Life’s way too short as it is. Embrace it.