On the Only Perception That Matters

One of the most powerful things about walking in Faith is taking a worldly concept we always knew in the back of our head and revealing it in new light. I’m facing this revelation that I haven’t completely been able to comprehend or build yet, but It’s profound enough for my life that I felt sharing it, even in it’s infancy – is warranted.  I have a tendancy to be VERY hard on myself at times – very critical of who I am and the mistakes I make.

In fact, I’d argue that all of us spend the better portion of our lives concerned with the perception others have of us.  It’s human nature. Some of this perception we see as noble – for example, how a spouse would view us – or a close friend, and even perhaps – depending on where your value system lies – your coworkers.  After all – that’s not “Keeping Up with the Jone’s vain perception” – but rather “Perception that Matters.” Right? I’m not so sure.  If we leave it to man to perceive us – we will always fail. The revelation I keep hearing as I take this journey of “spiritual fence hoping” (that’s what I’ve coined it) – is that the only perception that matters is that of God.  And when you come to think about – the perception he has differs most differently than how many view God as this judgmental and negative being towards humanity and even that of the perception the world shares of us –

Don’t believe me? – check out Psalm 139:17 – “How precious are your thoughts about me,O God! They are innumerable”

When was the last time you could say that you’ve thought so well about yourself or others that your thought’s were truly labeled “precious” and you lost track of how many times you thought about it?  But – that’s exactly how God sees us.  In his eyes – he’s always thinking precious thoughts about us.  Not about how we are all “fallen sinners” but rather precious thoughts.  Good thoughts. Happy thoughts. I bet he even cracks a smile.

When you wrap it up that way – if God sees us as precious – how could we justify seeing ourselves as any other way?

That my friends –  is powerful – mind bending stuff.

– Grant