On A Short Thought About Sleeping

Promised myself I’d be in bed by 11 tonight, but here I am again.

I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep I wrote in the dark.
Henry David Thoreau

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with the ability to sleep a good night’s rest.

My body will shut down, but my brain won’t. Mostly, it sucks. Sometimes, it’s enlightening. I do my best reading / thinking / writing when I should be sleeping. I even do my best work for my company. I wonder if Thoreau was the same way. I once read that Leonardo Divinci hardly ever slept.  Same with Einstein. Good company or bad examples?

I hear people talk about the ability to clear their thoughts and meditate, to truly shut out the outside world.  How does one do that? That’s such a foreign concept to me.

I just can’t stop thinking.

On Ten Truths I’ve Learned Lately

Nothing major to report here, just 10 quick things I’ve been thinking about / have learned lately.

1) The hardest lesson I will ever teach myself is the ability and power to say “No.”

I heard a quote the other day, in a TV show I’ve been following, Terra Nova, on Fox.  One of the guys, the leader of a group of people on the show states something rather profound “You could die trying to please everyone.” He’s right.

2) Don’t break a promise to your children.

Trust is something I think we abuse in our children.  We use the theory of legitimate authority to get them to do what we say, when we say it. The truth is, without trust – it doesn’t matter if you’re the Dad or not.

3) Relationships are way more important than just about anything else.

I need to start working on them more.

4) If I’m waiting for my career to define me, I’m doing it wrong.

Whenever we meet new people the first thing we usually ask is “Well, what do you do?”  I’m going to stop answering Network Analyst and start answering “I play with my kids, laugh with my wife, read – write, and then during the day – I goto work.”

5) Engaging the opinion of others – soliciting true feedback -is one of the most vulnerable and awesome things you can ever do.

I’ve made ie a point lately to solicit feedback from the people at work and otherwise I’m certain will have negative things to say.  I’ve been nonetheless shocked by the realization the things I think people care about – they really don’t.

6) Nothing beats warming up a cup of Apple Cider and a good book.

I’m starting to figure out how to wind down.

7) The best joy and motivation I’ve ever experienced is giving others around me the motivation and ability to succeed.

Being the “hero” of the moment pales in comparison of the quiet, honest recognition you helped someone else get there.

8 – I’m fascinated by the talents of other people, especially artists.

My wife has started to paint and do artwork again.  It’s amazing what she’s able to create. Amazing.

9) All things considered, I over analyze life.

Sometimes, I think too deeply. Sometimes.

10 – I’ve underestimated in the past the value of “Simple.”

I’m starting to give up some of the past things I’ve held onto in favor of “Simple.”