On turning 27 and Goggles in the bathtub…

So Saturday was my birthday.  It’s really entertaining to me, that as we gain another year older, it seemingly becomes less and less significant. However much of a great experience my birthday weekend was, I’m one of those people that has quiet revelations outside of the norm.

My daughter Emma was astounded – astounded, mind you – that I was not having a party with cake.  In the world of a six year old, not having cake at a birthday party is like not having a toy in the happy meal.  You just don’t do it.  I was more than content with the Hodge-podge of events that did surround my birthday – such as one of my closest friends taking me out to a comedy show and consumption of a collection of different beers at the downtown Irish Pub.  Or the “put the kids to bed early” take out Chinese dinner with the wife. When you turn 27, I guess you become easier to please.  And I’m just fine with that change of events. Sorry Emma, no cake. Except that takeout cheesecake from Cheese Cake Factory.  But you don’t know about that :-).

While I struggled to find writing material in my increasingly “normal” birthday festivities, I was quite amused and touched with something that happened to me during my get-ready-for-work-half-awake ritual Friday morning.  Normally, I take a shower in the bathroom outside of the master bathroom to allow my wife that 10 minutes of extra precious sleep she’ll get till the kids hear the door swing open as I leave for work.  In doing so, as I stepped into the shower I about broke my foot on a pair of pink child’s Speedo goggles I’d purchased my daughter the previous year on a vacation where the hotel had a pool (side note – want to impress a child under the age of 10? skip the money of Florida – take them to a hotel with a pool, apparently that’s simply AMAZING.. ooh to be young again..).  After a brief string of obscenities (yes, better left unsaid I’m sure – but I am human), I found myself touched and full of laughter – which turned into a great morning at work.

Why? Because there were goggles in the bathtub, that’s why.  Barely enough water to even submerge yourself in the standard issue bathtub,and my daughter evidently was on her own little Discovery Channel adventure.  Silly? Of course. Delightful? Absolutely.  So as I pondered and considered what was going through her imagination and play I asked myself a simple question – when was the last time I had goggles in my bathtub?

OK, not literally.  But figuratively, when was the last time I gave up reality for imagination?

Seriousness for silliness? When was the last time I was able to diverge from the path of adulthood – which tells us over and over again – goggles are for swiming, snorkeling, diving – not the bathtub?  When did the world get the opportunity to tell us such behavior was not okay? Or worse yet – when will my daughter find out that’s “just silly” and “we don’t do that…”

I hope never.  I hope she keeps that alive, the world needs more of that. We need more of that.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wear my racing helmet to bed.

– Grant

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