On The Mom’s In My Life

I am blessed to have to have two amazing mothers that I cherish in my life – the mother of my children, and my own Mom.

Let me tell you a quick bit about both.

When I tell people about my wife, Tori, about who she is and what she does – they respond somewhere in the conversation with “your wife must be a Saint!”  I always nod and appreciate the sentiment. It’s true. I married up. Way up.

To me, one of the most important roles anyone can play is to be a parent. Probably even more so, the role of the mother.  My wife has led an amazing life – serving her country, traveling a good part of the world, teaching – working, and utilizing her creativity and compassion for others in the process.  I’m in awe of what she has been able to accomplish in her 33 years on this Earth – I’d have to pause time for 10 years just to catch up.

But the truth is, I never will. Why? She’s devoted the last 10 years of her life to one of the biggest roles of them all – raising and caring for our children. To our kids – she’s a teacher as a homeschooler, a Doctor as a caregiver, and playdate in the Playroom after school, a disciplinarian when all else fails, and a comforter in the time of need.  When I asked my littlest one, Noah – our four year old, recently, what he loved most about his Mom, he told me “she makes me laugh.”

I’m not certain, but I’d set my watch and warrant to the idea that if you can make that type of impression on a four year old, you’re doing something right.  She’s more deserving of anything I could ever give her, more precious to me than anything or anyone on this Earth – taking care of the most precious gift God or she has ever given me.

Sure this is sappy, it’s heavy, and it’s over the top.

So what? I don’t care. Some things are just that way. I love her. And she’s freaking awesome.

So – to the mother of my children –

This is for the Mom whose job never really ends – from your alarm clock of 3 children early in the morning to the final tucking in at night.

For the Mom whose compassion is overwhelming – from comforting the fear of thunderstorms and the discomfort of an illness.

For the Mom who never has time for rest – to the homeschooling, piano lessons, voice lessons, and life lessons.

For the Mom who got yet another phone call with rowdy kids in the background telling her that her husband was still at the office, late again.

For the Mom who teaches our children right from wrong, of God’s love, of love for others, of acceptance over intolerance and beauty in the world.

For the Mom whose art and creativity decorate our walls and migrate into the hearts and minds of our children.

For the Mom who still finds time for her husband and her marriage, even through the chaos of life.

For the Mom whose sacrificed and continues to sacrifice so much, for so little in return.

I love you. Our kids love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Then there’s my mother.

Where to begin?

When you raise 2 boys in a foreign Middle East Country, two curious – ambitious – and one of them pretty mischievous boys – you pretty much win the Gold Medal out the gate.

When I was younger, in my teenage years, I clashed with my Mom a lot. Truth is, it had a lot to do with the fact we were way too much alike. I didn’t give her near the respect she deserved.  She still loved me through it.

When I hit my mid-twenties, and my life hit a turning point, I looked around at who was left. There was my mom.  And isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?  She’s a Grandma now – and a pretty darn good one. She’s everything you would want a Grandma to be too, a cookie baker and a hug giver.

Today, I’m closer to my Mom than I have ever been before. I have more respect for her than ever, and when she’s away, I miss her a heck of a lot.

My mom, without asking you, will tell you she lives for her family. She’s not lying. I’ve never met anyone with as much devotion and heart for her family as her – well maybe my Grandma, but she’s with Jesus now and that’s okay – because my Mom’s around to walk in her legacy.

So for you Mom –

To the Mom who sacrificed so much for my brother and I. To late night last minute science fair projects, to those 20 bucks you’d hand me randomly to “go have fun.”

To all the times I made you nervous, anxious, and worried.

To the Mom who told me like it was, never sugar coating, never too harsh.

To the Mom who’d watch horror and Sci-Fi movies with me until 3 AM (and still does).

To the Mom who’d show up when all the other Moms were too busy.

To the Mom who will text me late into the night and still makes me laugh.

To the Mom who taught me what parenting really was about – Having a LOT of fun!

I love you – Happy Mother’s Day!

The below picture likely has value only to you – a recreating of a circa 1989 favorite 🙂


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