On Prose to a Child

Three of you

Small, little, and tiny

You spend each day discovering

Exploring, frolicking, careless

With endless adaptability

Coupled with graceful forgiveness

For the one unfit to lead

Bringing unbridled joy and laughter

Upon a life unfulfilled without your presence

I remain in awe of who you are, and who you will become

As I lay you to sleep

Thinking of your future

The promises to be unlocked

The reality of adversity

I find comfort in the solace

That you are not just my child

But that of a greater God

One who picks up where I will falter

One who will remain faithful when I stumble

And I remind myself that you too, shall overcome

But as for tonight, I claim you

Because as much as you rely on me

I rely on you for purpose

For kisses, hugs, and smiles

My children, my life, my love

May the years ahead of you bring you the same joy you’ve brought to me

– Dad

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